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About Mascot

MASCOT is a Danish company with a Scandinavian mentality and exports to most of the world. Employees come to work in Denmark, Vietnam, Germany and 12 other countries with the same mission: To develop, produce, market and sell the world’s best workwear and safety footwear.

All jobs and professions come with their own needs and place different demands on their workwear and footwear. MASCOT offer workwear for various different segments and professions, giving you the opportunity to select workwear to suit a specific task or industry.


You will find products in a range of different fabrics and materials, each with their own properties, a range of fits, and boasting an array of various features and details. This allows you to choose workwear that will meet the demands and requirements of your industry while simultaneously suiting your own individual needs as well.

Select the features that you need

Craftsmen and light building

Look for this symbol if you work as a carpenter, electrician, painter, engineer, etc.

Building and construction

This symbol indicates solid and hard-wearing products which are suitable for building contractors, road workers or anybody who works in demolition or other similar areas.

Light industry and logistics

This symbol indicates products that are suitable for industries related to electronics, assembly, production, warehousing and transport.

Heavy industry

Keep an eye open for this symbol if you work with metalworking, machinery manufacture or in a foundry.

Offshore and wind sector

This symbol indicates safety products for the offshore and wind sector as well as other industries where hi-vis products are required.

Food and production

Look for this symbol when searching for products to be used in the food industry or other sectors where excellent hygiene and washability (industrial) are a priority.

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